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Dark Bar Bangkok

Sukhumvit, Bangkok

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Open just three nights a week (Wed, Fri and Sat), the newest project by Liberty Area One fashion boutique owner Nodnuanwan "Nod" Tatong boasts a shady interior, loose closing hours and decent prices, meaning it’s already packing out with Ekkamai-Thonglor’s more subversive cliques.

The place is styled like some kind of decaying, time-capsule mansion. Half-a-dozen or so chandeliers drape from the ceiling (throwing out light far too moody to see if they're real), while the walls are a decaying mix of black paint, bare brick and plaster. One wall is given over to a pantomime, MDF-cut-out bar, and another is dominated by a mirror that makes the minute space feel a lot bigger than it is. Though none of this really matters, since most of the guests are outside smoking on the big, second-story terrace. 

Jameson all round—in fact, it’s the only spirit on display. Not that we’re complaining, since it’s priced as if it were Johnnie Red at B150 for a glass with mixer. There are also a few standard bottled beers, including Beerlao at B150 and Leo at B100. 

One month in and already a big favorite with the same people you used to see at Moose and Happy Monday (which is right below). Danish rockers Iceage dropped by after their recent Bangkok gig, and their neo-90s punk styling felt right at home. 

Because Nod is a great host and the prices are spot on. That, and everywhere else nearby is likely to shut earlier.  

Dark Bar

Wed:       21:00  - 2:00
Fr - Sat:  21:00 -  2:00

It’s Wednesday. F**k all on cable tonight so head down to Dark Bar. We got FREE entry. We got cold drinks. We got salty snacks. Reasonably priced bathroom facilities. But best of all we got DISCO ROBOT & GET.A.ROOM. proprietor Jaydubb playing the hottest ditties this side of Chi-Town. 4-to-the-floor house & techno beauties for the mid-week cravings. See y’all inside.

as always, we are bringing extra sound system just for night to give you a proper club experience. You will hear and FEEL the music.

092 446 6298

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