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Blooming Lotus yoga


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 The Blooming Lotus Yoga is situated upon a jungle hilltop, overlooking the crystal blue ocean waters, in between Haad Yuan & Haad Tien Bays.


Blooming Lotus Yoga School is where yoga considered to be a way of living, the journey of being.
Offering Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Thailand & Bali, intimate & affordable Yoga Retreats in Thailand, Yoga Nidra Resources, Online Yoga Courses, Daily Yoga Classes, & enriching experiences from the healing arts & dance, the Blooming Lotus Yoga School aspires to foster the remembrance of the nature through love, healing & awareness.



The Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreats offer students the opportunity to deepen their practice & immerse themselves in the yoga lifestyle, while enjoying the breathtaking tropical beauty of the southern island of Koh Phangan.  For those just wanting to drop in for classes, you all welcome both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Yoga Nidra
The method of Conscious Sleep, is considered to be one of the deepest meditation techniques, leading you into a state of total stillness and insight.  Yoga Nidra is a powerful, scientific method based on ancient Tantric texts, of complete mental, physical & emotional relaxation.   An invaluable tool for manifestation, letting go of habitual patterns, and connecting to your true nature,  Yoga Nidra releases built up tension, stress and anxiety, providing a perfect tool for the often fast-paced life of the modern world.


Teacher Training Courses

300 Hours Teacher Training Certification Course - The course provides an integrative approach to teaching yoga that offers a variety of yoga asana styles that include hatha, vinyasa, power, restorative & yin yoga, allowing us to meet each student individually at their own level and ability.
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Intensives - For aspiring teachers or those who wish to deepen their practice, this yoga teacher training course aims to prepare each student to teach yoga skillfully & explore the depths of yoga, while honoring each person’s own journey.


While preserving its abundant jungle, fauna and flora many of its secluded beaches offer an escape from stress and the high-paced modern lifestyle.  Accessible primarily by boat year round, the tri-bay area of Haad Yuan, Haad Thien, and Haad Why Nam offer a serene getaway with a wide range of accommodation options for all budget types. From simple, rustic bungalows to mid-range comfortable living, and from funky upscale cottages to exclusive villa resort living, these 3 beautiful bays provide for all.


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