Chiang Mai's Hottest Party - Inferno Productions

12 Feb 2021

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Inferno was started 3 years ago and is managed and run buy a team who for the last 27 years have lived and breathed underground dance music.

“We all grew up partying and have been to various parties across the globe and want to use our influences we have gained to bring bigger and better parties to our home turf and beyond”.

One thing they will always provide is good music by good dj’s, Inferno will not compromise on that.

The concept of Inferno Productions is to bring to the Chiang Mai city a dance scene, good electronic music and like minded people together who have a passion for music.

Inferno’s main focus musically is Tech House, Techno and Deep House and even stretches to Drum & Bass but it’s depending on the venue and who is playing. Each event that has taken place they always like to bring Dj’s with a good track record and of course focus on local talent.

“The last few years we have had the honor of hosting Nakadia, Mendy Indigo, Naoki Imura, Graham Gold, Super Star Panda Dj Orawan, JamesWhat and a couple more to mention.

What is different about Inferno?
Sound is very important to us (Yes we are Bass Junkies) so we cater to the sound and I would say 70% of our budget goes into sound and lighting  we cater to what we like and if it sounds good to us we are on the right track.

Secondly we like to host our events out of the city so that we can continue the event hours and of course pump up the volume.

What is the atmosphere, how do you want people to feel?
The most important thing we want to see is your Bass Face ‘ha-ha’, but no really, the venues we use are very important to us, also great surroundings, good people and décor play a big part in creating a night that will be truly remembered.

What uniqueness does Inferno bring to Chiang Mai?
Big name dj’s which has never really happened before, stay tuned for more to come.

What are your hopes for the future?
To keep our promise that Inferno Productions is and always will be underground, grow our fan base and bring in some more International talent.

Inferno will be launching their Vinyl only nights at Loosey Goosey By Zoe in yellow on the 10th of March . On the line up for that night will be Potamus and Kriminal two Djs who have been around the block and have a great selection of tunes. More info here.

What do you enjoy about Chiang Mai?
We have quite a loyal following of people who attend our event regularly so it’s great to see people who love and support our party's, just like back in the early rave scene days where you would see the same smiling faces yes that is one aspect I love about the scene here in Chiang Mai.

And leave us with your philosophy...
Work Hard Party Harder!!

Thank you for taking the time out to find out a bit more about Inferno Productions and the events we have done and who we are.