Visit the Chaloklum Sunday Market

25 May 2019

There is a lot more to this sleepy little village of Chaloklum than meets the eye. It has a beautiful harbour with busy fishermen and boat taxis coming and going all throughout the day and the pier is the location of the Chaloklum Sunday Market.

Like many Thai markets throughout the Country you can expect to find many stall sellers with plenty of food, drinks, clothes and souvenir stands.

The village of Chaloklum has a sleepy and laid back vibe that is unique to the island for such a busy fishing village and so you can lounge around there during your trip to the market.

Chaloklum is on the far North of the island and it will take about 20 minutes on a motorcycle ride or taxi from Thong Sala.

The market takes place every Sunday from 5pm, enjoy!