Possible Chance of Visa Amnesty Extension

28 Sep 2020

We are unsure and all of this is still rumours but the media are posting about the possible discussions to extend the visa amnesty.

A last-minute expansion to the visa amnesty for foreigners is set to be declared by the Thai government. 

According to an unsigned paper from the Ministry of Interior, the amnesty, which expired on 26 September, would be continued to 31 October. 

The Thailand Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will host an English-language media briefing on Monday, 28 September, where an extension can be confirmed. 

Furthermore, the extension must be approved by a Cabinet meeting due to be held on Tuesday until it is reported in the Royal Gazette and ratified by statute. 

The last-minute extension comes after complaints were received from foreigners in Bangkok and Pattaya that citizens seeking to expand their visas on Friday (26 Sept) were overloaded by immigration offices. In order to process the deluge of extension demands, some immigration offices were also required to open on Saturday (27 September). 

Nevertheless, reports of the planned expansion of the visa amnesty would arrive too late for some as many foreigners who had lived under the amnesty in Thailand have already gone through the trouble of expanding their visa and paying the 1,900 baht fee. Even more, would have quit Thailand already ... 

Immigration stated last week that 150,000 foreigners were living under a visa amnesty in Thailand. 

Officials had warned anyone who did not renew their visa or exit the country by 26 September would be liable to overstay penalties.