The Thai Immigration Bureau eases the criteria for TM30

27 Jun 2020

The immigration reporting requirements have updated for international tourists and residents: the Immigration Bureau has provided an amendment to the TM30 reporting provision, clarifying when a TM30 filing is required under section 38 of the Immigration Act. Here is a free translation of the crucial part of the ex-pat announcement, in Section 2.2:

2.2 after the householder, owner or owner of the hotel premises has registered, as specified in section 2.1, the guest has left the premises and returned for another stay during the duration of validity, no further notification is needed by the householder, owner or owner of the hotel premises;

The alien, as described in paragraph 1, shall include those holding multiple-entry visas leaving and returning to the Kingdom within the prescribed visa duration, and those holding reentry permits. "Previously, immigration offices in Thailand demanded a new TM30 report any time an individual left and returned to the country within 24 hours. This adjustment eliminates the prerequisite.

The second paragraph notes that a new TM30 report is not needed whether a person has a permit for an extension of stay or having a multiple entry visa and enters using a reentry permit. The current provision will not extend to visa-exempt entrants and single-entry visas of either type unless they left and re-entered after the initial admission time with a reentry permit.

The TM30 legislation specifically notes that the landlord, property owner, or management (in the case of a hotel or guesthouse) has a legal responsibility to record a non-Thai 's stay at their home.

Source: Thaiger