Chats About Travel with Stuart Mcdonald Travelfish Founder - Part Three

7 Jul 2022

Stuart Mcdonald set up the website Travelfish along with his Wife 16 years ago in 2004. The couple lived in various countries in Southeast Asia since 1997, and they have personally visited every place mentioned on the website.

We speak with Stuart, who has been riding out the Corona lockdown in Bali with his family to talk about how it all began from his backpacking days to the current travel and tourism situation now.

Stuart settled in Thailand after backpacking across Southeast Asia, serving as an underpaid, under-skilled language instructor, an embassy worker, and a website creator for the newspaper.

He co-authored two travel guides previous to all those non-work jobs, one to Vietnam and one to Thailand. He still travels very frequently up to this day and can sleep wherever, anytime — even on the path to Bokor, which points out he's got narcolepsy! His favorite reading is Alain de Botton 's Art of Transportation.