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1 death and 1 missing from Surat Thani Heavy Rain

26 Oct 2020

On October 26, 2020, Heavy rains occurred in many areas of Surat Thani province. Causing a flood of wild water.

There was an overflowing water flooding houses in 6 districts, 13 sub-districts, 37 villages. Villagers have been affected by a house damaged 1,511, dead, 1 person missing 1 person, while MDU 46, and the 3rd Infantry Battalion, 25th Infantry regiment send forces to help the villagers.


While the MDU 46 Regional Development Office 4, Military Development Command, prepare to provide strength and survival bags and drinking water entered the area of Yan Yao Subdistrict to assist villagers, Village No. 2, Ban Tha Khai, Village No.

3, Ban Maloh, and Village 9, Ban Nong Ri, Yan Yao Subdistrict, Khiri Rat Nikhom District, after heavy rains causing flooding, the villagers have suffered.


Then the water situation in some areas, the water level began to drop. Some areas remain stable due to the proximity of the river.

In the area of Khao Wong Subdistrict, Ban Ta Khun District, one death was found in the forest runoff the body fell into the river, drowned, died, known as Mr. Chaiwirat Thongsamrit, 48 years old. 

As for Ban Na Subdistrict, Ban Na Doemmee District, one missing person is known as Mr. Piyapong Sombatjui, 27 years old.

For Kandit District, there is likely a situation the water in the Tapi River flows slowly. And overflowing the banks into the riverside area Lowlands, vulnerable areas Due to the high sea level Between 22-27 Oct. 20 It is expected that if it does not rain, it will go to normal 3-4 days.

Source: Khao Sod