Covid Visa Extensions will allow stay until late September

2 Jun 2021

Foreigners who are stuck in Thailand, either by choice or because the pandemic has prevented them from returning home, can now stay in the "Land of Smiles" until late September. The deadline to apply for a 60-day “Covid” visa extension has been pushed back from May 29 to July 29, allowing stays until late September.

The 60-day extension will set you back 1,900 baht. Foreigners have until July 29 to submit their applications. If the following conditions are met, the extension may be granted...

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a foreigner is unable to return to their native nation.

Return flights are not available.

A letter from the foreigner's embassy requesting a temporary stay has been received.

Foreigners having visas that are about to expire should contact their local immigration office before the visa expires to avoid being charged with overstaying.

The deadline to request for a 60-day extension has been extended multiple times since the Immigration Bureau began giving them late last year, and the announcements are usually made at the last minute.