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UPDATE No Ban on British Arrival But Tighter Quarantine Rules

7 Jan 2021

While there is no travel ban from the United Kingdom, after a new, faster-spreading Covid-19 variant was identified in the European region, quarantine facilities are tightening disease control measures for British arrivals. Under new measures laid down by the Department of Disease Control, British arrivals must now remain in their room for the majority of the stay. 

In reaction to news of the new Covid-19 variant, the department directed ASQ facilities and state quarantine facilities to tighten controls. Until their second swab test turns out negative for Covid-19, visitors travelling from the UK are not allowed to leave their room. 

A British traveller currently in quarantine at an ASQ hotel in Bangkok says that he was informed that he could not go to the "relaxation area" of the hotel outside the room near the pool until after day 12 of the quarantine period. 

After 4 British tourists tested positive for Covid-19 while in quarantine, there was talk of banning UK arrivals, but Thailand's Foreign Ministry says the stringent screening steps and mandatory 14-day quarantine are successful at controlling the virus.