Will Koh Phangan be open for international tourists on October 1st?

25 Aug 2020

The Minister of Tourism and Sports was in Suratthani and said that the government is ready to receive foreign tourists to the area starting on 1st October.

As reported before, Phuket will begin to welcome international tourists on October 1st, but they still need to do two weeks quarantine and follow requirements.

Mr Piphat Ratchanakit says that Koh Phangan, Samui and other islands will also be part of this experiment.

The experiment is for 100 days using the Phuket model including island cities such as Koh Samui, Kaohsiung, Koh Tao, province. Surat Thani and Krabi province are being used because it's easy to control and they are tourist attractions because of the sea, beach, and quiet atmospheres. They do state that there are intense measures for international tourists to enter, however.

The first set starts on 1st October and they are Inviting the first group of journalists, writers and foreigners.