Some Thai Embassies no longer require 500,000 Baht when applying for 60 day tourist visa

20 Nov 2020

Social media posts are circulating that certain Thai embassies no longer rely on evidence of funds of 500,000 baht (not to be mistaken with the Unique Tourist Visa) for a 60-day tourist visa. Posts in numerous social networking groups devoted to the 60-day tourist visa, according to an article in the Pattaya News, suggest that certain embassies and consulates no longer mention the criterion. For several, the insistence that visa applicants should show that they have had 500,000 baht remaining in their bank account for at least 6 months has proven a huge impediment. 

And although government and tourism officials appear to work on resolving the Special Tourist Visa, telephone calls to Thai embassies in both the United Kingdom and the United States suggest that the 60-day tourist visa is still an alternative. This visa enables visitors, under normal circumstances, to access the Kingdom for stays of up to 60 days which may even be extended throughout the world. Reports are mixed as to whether it can be adjusted to a visa, such as a retirement or company visa, that might enable a longer stay. 

However, visa applicants should keep in mind that in the case of a 60-day visa, the stringent requirements attached to the Unique Visitor Visa would still apply. This provides obligatory quarantine at your own cost, many Covid checks, a fit-to-fly certificate, a local embassy entry certificate, and insurance policy worth at least US$100,000. 

Notwithstanding all of the above, some see the 60-day visa as a potential way for travellers to reach Thailand from "high-risk" countries.

They are currently exempt from the Unique Visitor Visa application process. As always, it is recommended for those involved to consult directly with their nearest embassy or consulate.