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Pattaya investsing 160 Million to improve in an attempt to boost tourism

18 Aug 2020

In a bid to attract local tourists, Pattaya will invest 160 million baht to enhance the beach scenery of the city. 


The scenery redevelopment on a 4-kilometre measure of Pattaya Beach will begin in October and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, City of Pattaya mayor Sonthaya Kunplome said on Saturday. 

"Pattaya City needs to change its tourism marketing to target local tourists to the town," said Mr Sonthaya.


In addition to urban beautification, such as replacing sidewalks, the new plan would include constructing car parking spaces for tourist buses and cars as well as for local tourists and building public toilets. 


Beginning from North Pattaya and heading to Walking Street, the design project will repair walkways, rebuild gardens and plant more trees.


Mr. Sonthaya said the Pattaya Council approved the 160 million baht budget with the intention that the redevelopment of the beach landscape will "add a new magnet"  to the stagnant tourism industry.


Financially, as the Covid-19 pandemic escalated, Pattaya became the most hard-hit tourism area.

The city lured 10 million visitors each year before the outbreak, with approximately 80 per cent of tourists coming from abroad. The biggest visitor groups were from China, Russia, and India.


The city was trying to upgrade facilities and the environment and prepare for tourism’s return since foreign tourists disappeared.


The city will launch a beach restoration project on a 3.5-km stretch of Jomtien Beach which has been affected by coastal erosion


The sand filling will cost 600 million baht to replenish the coastline from restaurant Lung Sawai to Jomtien Soi 11. Construction is planned to begin early next year. 


The project will require roughly 680,000 cubic meters of sand.

Source Bangkok Post