Phuket Green Day clears beach and parkland garbage

27 Oct 2020

The Environmental & Sustainability Working Group of the Phuket Hotels Association launched the first-ever Phuket Green Day island-wide cleanup on Oct 21, which saw a huge drive from the island to clean up discarded garbage.

The project, supported by the Government of Phuket along with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the US Embassy in Bangkok, put along with hotels, schools, government officials, and businesses around the island to carry out the clean-up.

In a project sponsored by all hotels on Maikhao Beach, Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, Maikhao School, Sirinath National Park, Soi Dog, Phuket Mitrmitree, local community organizations, and OrBorTor Maikhao, Maikhao was divided into 3 zones covering a total area of 10.6 kilometers of beachfront, lake and parklands.


Single-use plastic, shoes, foam, fishing ropes, and nets are the largest garbage collected.

Please check Sustainable Mai Khao's Facebook page for more details.


Source: The Phuket News