Thai Ministry of Public Health begins cannabis cultivation project in Buri Ram

7 Jul 2022

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In the Isaan province of Buri Ram, Thailand's Public Health Ministry is launching a cannabis cultivation project. According to the director of the ministry's cannabis research group, Kitti Losuwannarak. 6 cannabis plants will be given to each member of the local Non Malai Community Enterprise as a pilot project for commercial cannabis cultivation. 

The cannabis flowers and buds will be sent to the province's Khu Muang Hospital. According to Nation Thailand, other parts of the plant will be processed as health products. Parts of the cannabis plant with low levels of the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, has recently been removed from the list of opioids in Thailand. Parts of the plant with high THC levels, like the buds, are still classified under Thailand's Narcotics Act as a Category 5 drug.

Since cannabis leaves and stems with low THC levels were declassified, a cannabis cafe opened in Prachin Buri, east of Bangkok, serving dishes with cannabis leaves. A dessert shop in Bangkok also announced the cannabis leaves are being added to their pandan and coconut pancakes.