Bangkok is Asia's most popular destination for digital nomads

4 May 2021

According to a study, Bangkok is the most popular city in Asia for digital nomads and ranks fourth globally.

Digital nomads are defined who can work from anywhere using laptops and telecom technologies, such as coffee shops, co-working spaces, and public libraries.

Vancouver, Canada, New York City and London were the top three choices for digital nomads.

The United Arab Emirates came in sixth, followed by Mexico's Playa Del Carmen, Los Angeles, Tulum, Paris, and Lisbon.

Netherlands-based online resume maker said the rankings were determined by analyzing nearly 90,000 Instagram posts tagged #digitalnomad and a cost of living index.

The pandemic and border controls have limited travel choices for digital nomads, but once travel opens up, "a whole new flock of online freelancers may find their place in the world." Rolf Bax of said. 

Bangkok is perfect with nomadic lifestyles, Mr. Bax said.

"It has the full package, cheap living costs, easy transport, and warm weather," he said.