Safety Registration for Businesses from Thai Government

29 May 2020

Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Ministry of Public Health, the Disease Control Department of Thailand, Health Department and Health Service Support Department, as well as the government and private sectors in the tourism sector.
The project aims to make tourism an integral part of disease prevention measures and to ensure that both Thai and foreign tourists have a positive experience, are happy and confident in the sanitation and safety of Thailand's tourism products and services; combine public health safety measures and high service standards to reduce the risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Various committees, federations and organizations in the tourism industry are responsible for reviewing the checklists and certifying the workforce change outcome in compliance with the SHA norms. The position of work is classified into 10 separate types :
1. Restaurants / Lunches,
2. Hotel, housing and meeting spot,
3. Recreation and visitor attraction,
4. Transport,
5. Travelling agency, 

6. Santé et beauty,
7. Shopping and Department Shops,
8. Touring games,
9. Theatre, entertainment, and
10. Souvenir shop and other department stores. 


Thailand 's Tourism Authority (TAT) is responsible for granting the certificate by issuing a number of SHA certificates to entrepreneurs to document it as a database of the list of entrepreneurs who have been awarded the SHA certificate. At any time, TAT may revoke the SHA certificate in case entrepreneurs refuse to uphold the quality of the workplace to follow the SHA requirements. 


SHA is to visitors' hygiene and health requirements. Therefore, the post-audit process for establishments or services that are allowed to reopen requires the cooperation of tourists or service recipients to provide any suggestions through TAT's online system that will be used for further improvement.

Link here to register your business.