Reviewing the Opening of International Schools

12 Feb 2021

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Atthaphon Trungthong, Secretary-General of the Private Education Commission has been asked to review the opening of private international schools.

It is a special case as international schools have the same teaching and learning programs as those of foreign countries and June is the last month of the academic year, which is considered usually as the international school holiday break.

Therefore, if schools are to open the course as announced by the Ministry of Education on July 1st, this will have a great impact and damage for families.

Also, parents currently do not accept online teaching throughout the term and some parents are delaying the tuition fee payment and claiming refunds.

"If the government approves international schools to open on June 1st, the NSO will enact measures to prevent the spread of the virus, such as parents must check the fever every time before leaving home. School staff must strictly comply with the Ministry of Public Health measures. Wear a mask and use alcohol gel to wash hands at every point in the school. Including that the school must provide a ventilation system for good ventilation of air and intensely cleaning the school.

In this regard, the school must refrain from meeting or organizing group activities with large groups such as sporting events.

In addition, the school must set up a committee to monitor the students as well.