More than 100 Thai businesses are dedicated to improving the economic empowerment of women

2 Oct 2020

On Wednesday, the chief executives of 110 businesses in Thailand signed a fresh series of UN standards on women's economic empowerment, promising to enhance boardroom gender equity, fair wages for equal jobs and healthy and more sustainable workplaces. 

Founded by UN Women and the UN Global Compact, the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) provide advice to companies , regardless of their scale or industry. 

Thailand has performed "comparatively good" in terms of women holding senior business positions, according to UN Women. 24% of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Managing Directors are women around the country, compared to an Asia-Pacific average of 13%. The number stands at about 20 per cent globally. 

Although the Asia-Pacific area has made remarkable strides in reducing extreme poverty, with women helping to drive expansion, it might take another 100 years to close the gender equality gap entirely. 

The 'fresh standard' sheds a light on our mutual nature, joint limitations, and a more gender-equal culture can be completely accomplished only by an inclusive, collaborative rehabilitation. 

Against this context, the UN Women's WeEmpowerAsia initiative intends to organize the business sector for gender equity and, through the introduction of the WEPs, increase women 's complete and fair economic participation. China, India , Indonesia , Malaysia, the Philippines , Thailand and Vietnam are its priority countries.