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Khao San Road will reopen for Halloween

16 Sep 2020

This Halloween the party is returning to Khao San Road. During the lockdown period, the once-booming backpacker district underwent a renovation and now the governor of Bangkok says they're ready to reopen the street. 


Khao San Road has been a district frequented by foreign backpackers for quite some time. It's known for its grungy and lively bar scene and its eccentric mix of street food, like a scorpion on a stick. During the lockdown, 48.4 million baht were put onto the streets for major renovations such as road and footpath leveling, adding some gutters, and designating emergency vehicle space. 

Governor Aswin Kwanmuang, of Bangkok, says a party called Khao San Road Halloween helps stimulate travel. There has been talking of removing street vendors from Khao San Road but there has been a lot of backlash to the idea.

Fortunately, street food will stay put and 240 food vendors will be set up for Halloween weekend along the street from 9 am to midnight. 


According to Nation Thailand, Khao San Road will also run a street market and set the stage for performances on the 28th and 29th November as well as News Years weekend. 


Aswin says events for both Loy Krathong and New Year are also planned. During the New Years of last year, the area around the street was so packed that streets and alleyways were more like mosh pits. Phones were robbed and fights broke out. It was something of a mess. 

Each year on the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar, Loy Krathong happens. People make offerings for the goddess of water and ask for pardon. Usually, a Krathong is made of stems of bananas, leaves, flowers, candles, and sticks of incense. Then it has floated down a river. 


According to Coconuts Bangkok, Khao San Road is not known as a place where people ask for forgiveness but apparently Loy Krathong will be celebrated along with other cultural events. This year Loy Krathong falls on Halloween.

Source Thaiger