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Happy Birthday and Thailand Mother's Day - HM Queen Sirikit

12 Aug 2020

Today Thailand celebrates Mother's Day and Queen Mother 's Birthday, HM Queen Sirikit. Many Thai people will head down to their local temples, district and provincial offices to join in ceremonies and other activities to celebrate her 88th birthday. Many on that auspicious day will 'tam boon' (make merit) for the Queen Mother.

From 1950 until the passing of the former king in October 2016 Queen Sirikit was married to King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Sirikit met in Paris with Bhumibol Adulyadej where her father was the Thai ambassador.

In 1950 they married, shortly before the coronation of Bhumibol. In 1956, when the king entered the Buddhist monkhood for a period of time, Sirikit was nominated, queen regent. Sirikit has one son and three daughters (the current King Maha Vachiralongkorn). In July 2012, Queen Sirikit suffered a stroke and has since abstained from public appearances. 


It was in April when Thailand first introduced Mother's Day, in 1950. The date was relocated to August 12, 1976, to mark the actual birthday of Queen Sirikit. The day is Thailand 's official National holiday. Government offices, post offices and some branches of banks are usually closed (but open in shopping centres), but immigration checkpoints and most business enterprises will be opened as usual. 


On this auspicious occasion,  Phanganist wishes Her Majesty birthday greetings.