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A Thai expert stated that there is strong chance of fatality for smokers infected with Covid-19

31 May 2020

People who smoke that develop Covid-19 (coronavirus) are expected to have 14 times more serious illnesses than non-smokers, increasing the possibility of death, a Thai doctor has said.

Dr. Manas Phothaporn (pic), Deputy Director-General of the Medical Services Department, said smoking is one of the major public health issues as more than 1.68 billion people worldwide are addicted to cigarette nicotine.

"Over 10 million people die per year from smoking because smokers cause more than 25 diseases including cancer, heart disease, and pulmonary emphysema."

"The World Health Organization proclaimed May 31 as World No Tobacco Day to highlight the risks of smoking, especially this year when the Covid-19 epidemic reached almost every nation in the world," Manas said."

"Smokers who develop the latest coronavirus are expected to suffer up to 14-fold more serious symptoms than the average individual."

"The Covid-19 pneumonia alone may contribute to death because smoking would reduce the body's immune function and weaken the lungs."

"giving up smoking can help regenerate the immune system of smokers as well as minimize infection in the lung tissue, not to say help save funds during the economic downturn experienced by several nations," he said.

Source: The Star