Ex Minister Supports Digital Nomads for Thailand

7 Jul 2022

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Korn Chatikavanij advises the government to issue incentives for foreigners that can work at home or work from home through digital technology and can stay in Thailand for a long time.

Mr. Korn Chatikavanich, Kla Party Leader and the former Minister of Finance wrote an article "Work From Thailand: Survival of the Thai Economy  With the breathing of entrepreneurs "through personal Facebook" Korn Chatikavanij - Korn Chatikavanij" stating that...

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in the economic loss of Thailand in tourism revenue. At the same time, Thailand is one of the most livable countries and has strengths in public health against the world's top COVID response during lockdown.
I have a foreign friend as an investment advisor, for world-class financial institutions who entered our country before we closed the country, and has been stuck in Hua Hin for almost 3 months. 
At the same time, his colleagues in London, nobody knew he was overseas. 
The difference is that while their friends 'are in trouble' due to the coronavirus situation abroad.  
But he had a happy life and a lower cost of living. During that time, he was still spending hundreds of thousands of money from Thai traders and businesses.

This example reflects that people around the world are familiar with working from home, which can work as efficiently as going to the office.  

And when you don't have to enter the office many people begin to think that  'Wouldn't it be good to go to another place' 
Thailand should take this opportunity.  'Think of out-of-the-box policies' by persuading 'Digital NoMads' (people who work from anywhere with digital technology) as well as expats in tech, startups, finance, and creative.  

Or even every industry that can work online from around the world can come to use Thailand as a new working base with the potential that Thailand is ready to support.

Thailand, we are ready in all aspects  Especially in the service sector industry whether it is a hotel, restaurant, health insurance system.  And private hospitals that are ready to take care of "working people" purchasing power from foreign countries is certainly the most important. Has a modern network plus the cost of living for living in Thailand  Best value in the world.

[What Thailand must do to support Work From Thailand]

1. Create a new long-term work visa system for 2 full years. Currently, the government only has a special tourist visa (STV) that can stay in Thailand for only 90 days and can be continued twice for 90 days at a cost.  But still have the same obstacles and regulations. That doesn't work, and the document preparation process is not easy to motivate each other.

2. Allowing private individuals to offer promotional packages.  To cover care workers are buying high foreign countries, including accommodation systems, secretaries, private hospitals, mobile phone networks, and the Internet including giving "local" to each province and promotion area Work From Anywhere.

3. Expand hotels for the State Quarantine as usual to cover more provinces.

4. Prepare a health insurance system link with standard Thai hospitals.

[Huge money into the Thai economy]

When calculating money from Digital NoMads and Expats, this group of "high purchasing power", the rent, the food, and the daily expenses.  
Employment expansion aiming to create an ecosystem of work for high-income people in Thailand predicts an average cost of up to 1-2 hundred thousand baht per person per month if the target is the first year that 100,000 people will earn 200,000  Million per year.  
And we think that this policy has an opportunity to create new 'hub' businesses in Thailand from the presence of experts gathered here and work closely with Thai people.

When we think and act “out of the box” there are many other ways to draw money into the country.  
This must be accelerated and an important opportunity, because COVID will be with us for a long time.