Spas may become part of state quarantine

23 Sep 2020

Spas may become facilities for state quarantine. The Health Care Support Department is looking at a plan that would include Thai massage parlours and spas. The project will begin in Krabi. 


At a state licensed hotel, a 14 day quarantine will cost 30,000 baht to more than 100,000 baht. What the expense will be for a 2 week stay at a spa is unknown, although it will certainly be costly. 


Right now, in a Centre for Covid-19 Condition Administration group, the spa quarantine concept is being debated. According to the department's director general, Thares Krasnairawiwong, it will take another 2 weeks until the project was authorized by the administration. 


Under the revised spa quarantine scheme, Thares states, customers must pass a Covid-19 inspection and pay the maximum quarantine expense within 72 hours of arrival. They will require their home nation to provide an insurance scheme. 

Hotels in Thailand and other travel firms are getting ready for a flood of foreigners on the newly accepted Unique Tourist Visa. This makes a stay of 90 days which can be extended annually, adding up to about 9 months. 


These tourists were expected to be quarantined for 14 days, but it has been debated that before arrival in Thailand, they will need to go through quarantine in their home country. 


For Covid-19, people entering the country are screened annually, typically at the beginning of the 14 day quarantine and again until they are released.

Source Thaiger