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If you really want to come to Thailand and always think about an upgrade of your appearance

7 Jul 2020

If you sincerely want to come to Thailand these days during the Covid-19 pandemic and always think, or advised by friends or family about an upgrade of your appearance, there might be a perfect solution for you all...

Around 1700 foreign visitors will arrive in Thailand for medical treatment starting later this month, accompanied by strict quarantine processes and measures.

Thailand 's medicinal tourism and wellness system provide two forms of quarantine, based on diagnosis: Quarantine Hospital for patients undergoing brief care during their 14-day quarantine, and Alternate Quarantine Hospital for prolonged operations such as infertility therapy.

All patients are expected to complete a 14-day quarantine even if they recovered from treatment earlier because Covid-19 may be found on the very last quarantine day.

Any medical tourist who is testing positive for Covid-19 can continue virus treatment at private hospitals in separate areas prepared for foreigners.

For Covid-19, medical tourists are tested three times: before departing for Thailand, upon arrival, and before returning home. Only medical tourists traveling by air will be allowed admission to Thailand, and all would be holding an admission certificate (COE) from a Thai embassy. Those who are interested in future entry considerations should contact their local Thai embassy or consulate.

Upon completion of their quarantine and medical procedure, these foreigners will be allowed to travel the country, effective August First, offering special promotions and deals on wellness travel.

Source: The Pattaya News