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96 party-goers charged with violating emergency decree in a Bangkok pub

19 Jun 2020

Bangkok police raided a pub on Bangkok's Pradit Manutham Road. They busted nearly a hundred partygoers for breaking social distancing emergency decree that prohibits public gathering as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Friday, 50 Khok Khram Police Station police officers raided an entertainment business called "Fake Illusion" in Beung Kum district after they had been tipped off about an unauthorized party using alcohol and drugs.

Officials found 96 partygoers — 64 male and 32 female — dancing to loud music and drinking at the two-story pub. Four were young, aged 16-17.

Officials conducted on-scene urine samples and allegedly discovered 23 revelers — 11 males and 12 females — had purple urine, suggesting substance usage.

Besides, police reportedly found more than 20 zip-lock bags containing a substance that looked like methamphetamine and sent it to a laboratory for detailed examination. Police reportedly also found a 9 mm Beretta handgun and ten bullets in one of the cars parked outside the club.

All 96 revelers have been charged with breaching the emergency decree, while those who have tested positive for narcotics will be sent to a hospital to confirm the results before being charged for drug use. Police will also keep the owner of the car in custody while inspecting the gun's origin.

Source: Nation Thailand