Tang Contemporary Art presents The Space Between Us

7 Jul 2022

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Tang Contemporary Art is happy to present a curated selection of outstanding artworks for the collaboration between the gallery and ICONSIAM in “The Space Between Us”, a pop-up exhibition featuring a range of local and international contemporary artists, from 22 December 2020 - 31 January 2021. The development of human art has been 30,000 years, but the development of contemporary art is less than a century. Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” changed the art world and started the development of contemporary art; Andy Warhol predicted that everyone will have 15 minutes in the future.

Everyone is an artist for the chance to become famous; Nam June Paik was the first artist to use a video camera to make video art, and he started 60 years of new media art; David Hockney said that “teaching people to paint is to teaching people to observe”. The slogan "Painting is dead" has been circulating for decades, but when you really look at a painting with your heart, you will also be moved by the artist's brushstrokes and colours. Creativity and critical thinking are the tools of artists. Artists ask more in-depth questions and broaden human thinking; contemporary art has a relationship with history, philosophy, politics, and art. Art is not only good- looking, but actually art Closely related to life.

Art comes from life, art is better than life, art is between you and me. Contemporary art knows no borders and is the common language of all mankind. We observe the diversity of the world through the eyes of artists. The artwork is also like a mirror of your life, and like a mentor in your life. An important collector once said: Collecting art is like writing a diary of your personal taste, everything you like. The artworks record your tastes and preferences at this stage. If you keep collecting artworks, your taste will continue to improve. We hope that the exhibition in this unique art space will open a door to another side of your life - revealing a whole new world. We invite you to engage in the different cultures and ideas presented through these new media artworks and to appreciate them in a new light.