Kalwit Studio Gallery present stories about the ambiance of life

23 Oct 2020

From a small beginning, the Chirachaisakul family wanted to renovate a house to become a studio so that all family artists had the right space to create their own creations. 
At the time, when there was enough studio space, Mr. Whale, the eldest son of the Chirchaisakul family, who was already an artist was eager to open up the first-floor space for his fellow artists to release. He took the initiative that Kalwit studio space can be useful to inspire artists and visitors to appreciate the work. 

This is the beginning of this private studio, combined with the gallery that started out as a close-up artist's friend and began to accumulate a wider network of artists in the years to come.

Why was Kalwit Studio created?
Started by the Chirachaisakul family and their passion for printmaking, it is currently run by Kit Chirachaisakul, the artist’s youngest son. The gallery hopes to share inspiration between artists and viewers through introducing artistic techniques and processes including painting, street art, toy-art and printmaking, especially intaglio printing, with the aim of creating a better understanding of the value of art.

Do the Chirachaisakul family have a long connection to art? 
Yes, we do because of our 2 generations connected to art. 

You describe yourself as an "Urban Gallery", what is the definition of URBAN to you? 
For us, Kalwit lives in the Sukhumvit area which is the center of business, shopping, and lifestyle in Bangkok. Then every Kalwit’s exhibition always present stories about the ambiance of life.

What makes Kalwit studio different from other galleries in Bangkok?
Kalwit built up from our house to make a cozy and very warm feeling when people come inside. We would like to give an opportunity to young artists to start to grow up here. We curate from the quality of work that we are interested in, not many times have we exhibited a famous artist.

Why focus on printmaking?
Because 3 members of the family graduated from printmaking faculty at the same university. In Thailand, people don’t know about printmaking much. Most people know a little of digital print more than the traditional technique that makes us have the passion to focus on printmaking and a need to see something different.

Do you have any typical themes you like to show?
Yes, we do because we need harmony in every show.

How is the art scene in Bangkok at the moment, is the pandemic influencing art?
For us, the pandemic has not influenced art in Bangkok but it makes people interested to go out more than before.

What do you hope to inspire or message by your exhibitions?
Thailand has many young artists that are not famous but have much skill and do great quality of the art.

What was your most powerful exhibition since you began in 2014?
The Imperfect exhibition of 2019. Artist is Waruncharat Laaiadsin who painted for blind people so they can feel the art with smell and atmosphere.

What is different about the new generation of artists compared to the old?
New generation artist gets more creative than old artists but the academic skill is difficult to compare with old artists.

Who do you believe to be the 3 most influential artists in Thailand today?
We think the group of collectors influence more than the artist. The artists most influential in Thailand now are Suntur, Gongkan and Alex face.