The Belin Wall at Aurum Gallery Bangkok

11 Dec 2020

Aurum Gallery proudly presents an online exclusive showing of our Belin wall.

Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, aka Belin, is a professional graffiti artist, painter and sculptor born in the city of Linares (province of Jaén), Spain. Belin likes to define this experiment as “Post Neo Cubism”, paying his tribute to the amazing work of the Spanish master Pablo Picasso. He is famous for his talented way of spreading hyperrealism codes among suburban landscapes.

Belin Aurum Gallery
Belin Aurum Gallery

Belin's work is evolutionary, the absorption of established artistic movements and his complete devotion generates orthogenesis in the artist that allows him to come up with new conceptions of art.
His current artwork comes from urban art and confronts the artist in a constant dichotomy between tradition and modernity that extends to the techniques used. His free mastery of aerosol painting is contained in his brushing ability, solving his inner combat through expressionist liberation actions.
This show combines ten distinctive artworks selected from Aurum gallery's collection, demonstrating the diversity and style of Belin's 'Post Neo Cubism' and 'Online' styles which combine elements of cubism, pop art, and hyperrealism. His large-scale portraits feature rose-tinted cheeks of hyper-realistic everyday people. Overlapped with dynamic and colourful patch-like segments, the combination creates an eye-catching surrealism feel.
Dobby - Belin
Dobby - Belin

Post Neo Cubism Style:
A term coined by Belin himself pays tribute to the work of the masters who influenced his performing style – Picasso, Dali, Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo. Belin's method is an impressive mixture of Cubism and Hyperrealism. Listed as a new style of art, Post Neo Cubism is recognised by critics as well as contemporaries around the world.
Mujer De Rojo - Belin
Mujer De Rojo - Belin

The Oneline Style of Belin:
Oneline confronts the artist against the blank white canvas, where a wild and free style stroke becomes the artist's essential and exponential expression. The artist says that this style of work is generated from his energy content while working on Post Neo Cubism, this Oneline style offers him creative liberation.
He articulates his images strictly through imagination. Incredibly detailed, perfectly composed and riveting. Compounded by the fact that he’s never had any formal training, you’ll be able to fully marvel at his work.
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