Save Thailand's Elephants- John Roberts on interview, GTAEF

15 Jun 2020

Minor Hotels has been helping not just Thailand's elephants for many years, but those within the region and even further afield.

The organization has raised millions of dollars through numerous activities, such as the Elephant Boat Ride and River Festival last weekend, which generated about 3 million Baht in 2019.

At the heart of Minor's conservation and sustainability initiatives is John Roberts, the Elephant Man, who is the Director of the Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) for the Golden Triangle.

In this exclusive interview, John gives us an update on the status of elephants in Thailand, what the GTAEF is doing, how 2019 came to an end, and what they were planning to do in 2020.

John tells us what Jungle Bubbles are, who's staying in them, how many elephants people can expect to see, whether they're safe, and how they're planning to expand that rather unusual idea.

He also talks about volunteering, how students can be involved with the GTAEF's important work, and how many people they are looking for.

John tells us about the coming out of science-based standards, how he'd like to see the GTAEF growing in the future, and why education is so important. All of that, and a lot more in the FHD video and podcast below.

Source: Travel News Asia