Puppy abuser was sentenced to six months in jail on probation

11 May 2020

A woman was sentenced, on Friday, to a six-month suspended prison term because her puppy was neglected. 

Watchdog Thailand has reported that it was found guilty of animal cruelty by the Provincial Court of Chonburi, the defendant who was filmed beating a pitbull puppy in a viral video. 10,000 baht had been fined and a six months jail term was imposed, but the punishment had been suspended. 

"She says she wanted to have the puppy trained, but it was over the line, so it is animal cruelty. The sentence was suspended, as she confessed.  She still has to be on duty 24 hours a day and be on parole a year.

On Monday the viral video showed this woman smashing her eight-month-old pitbull dog with a bag of fertilizers, and then hitting its face with shoes.

The dog, known as Nomyen, is heard whispering in fear and does not fight.

The dog is now cared for by Watchdog Thailand and is put in Chonburi 's public dog shelter. Watchdog said Nomyen wasn't injured and appeared cheerful.


Source: Khaosod