Discover Koh Phangan Island

29 Jul 2017

Koh Phangan is an amazing beautiful island. Located in the Gulf of Thailand in Southeast Asia.

Big white bounty beaches and palms as far as the eyes can reach. Small cafés with both local and foreign food and drinks. Resorts, hotels and hostels available for the continuously coming tourists. High season from December to February but with a peak every month at Full moon for the maybe most known feature of this island, the Fullmoon Party.

Anyone looking for a small vacation, a longer holiday or a bigger roundabout for resting in different places for a while to really suck in the culture and the local environment, Koh Phangan is recommendable!

Come and discover Koh Phangan! For most it becomes the meeting of their life’s! As my sister said, after not daring to come here for over ten years due to the flourishing wildlife here, “One time Thailand always Thailand”.

The special freedom and lifestyle here is so very becoming for anyone. The time that flows different and are paid attention to different, the culture, the island laid backness, the sun, the beaches and of course let’s not forget about the parties. A party for any taste at nearly any day of the week!

Go on a day boat trip to Angthong national Marine Park. Snorkeling, Kayaking, Camping out for a night or going home in the sunset. Experience a new day arise over your tent on the beach and catch your breakfast from the sea. Make your coffee on the bonfire - or be comfortable and go to the one and only restaurant that exits in the Marine Park. Enjoy the serenity of the place and have an experience of your life!

Do yourself a giant favor next time you are planning your vacation. Think of Koh Phangan!