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BND Beach Club with Westy - Koh Tao's New Music Venue

13 May

Phanganist speaks with Westy who is part of new events venue BND Beach Club on Koh Tao, they’re getting off to a good start with Phangan DJ regulars such as Marco Loco and Roni Kush...

Hi Westy, tell us your Koh Tao story...
I came to Koh Tao over 5 years ago on a visa run from the Philippines for 10 days to visit some friends on the island. Then I extended my stay to a month as I didn’t want to leave my friends to have fun without me.

I then got involved with Roctopus Dive in the early stages as I could see them doing well.

Now being an owner of Roctopus and BND Beach Club, I have a commitment to stay for now…

You only opened this year, how is it going?
We only opened a few months ago, so we’ve not yet finished the project, we still have a lot to do. The bottom level of the bar is complete, but we are still working on the front garden bar and the beach front bar and fire show area.

Upstairs is getting closer, it will be more of a sports lounge, pool tables and at some stage another bar.

On the top we will have a roof/sky bar and chill out area for daytime sunning and acoustic sunset session’s (it’s the best view on Sairee for sunset!).

What do you think BND can bring to Koh Tao?
We want to play the best music for people that don’t want to go to just ‘another bar’ where you drink cheap drinks and listen to the same commercial shit music every single night.

We are starting to do organised parties where we can bring in different DJs and get some sick beats going, we want to be the place to go.

You must be the only multi floor party venue there…
Yes, with 3 levels to our establishment, there is something for everyone. If you want to dance ya pants off, sit on the beach and watch the fire or have a beer and watch the world go by, bottom floor.

If you want to watch sport, chill on a couch or play some pool with the best pool tables on the island, second floor. If you want to watch the sunset from the highest roof on the beach, top floor.

What experience do you hope to give your guests?
The best possible, we want to make them feel like they get something special, as I say it’s not just another bar. We have the best sound and lighting system on the island, making the live music and DJs tunes sound awesome. Many people have said ‘it’s like I’m at a sick club in London but on the beach’.

What kind of events do you do and are you planning anything different?
We have live music every Sunday and will start to do more live nights as well. We would like to do some special nights, like Wine down Wednesdays (Wine specials for sunset), black Thursdays (Rock n Roll and JD specials) Sailor Jerry Saturdays (cheap Sailors) and we will start to do a weekly party night where we will have special international DJs come in and pump the house, later on (after 12-1am) turning into a silent party.

What are the best things about Koh Tao?
Koh Tao has a great vibe about it, it’s small, easy to get around and there is something for everyone.

A good place to learn to dive and cheap, nice bays on the beaches on the East and South, great viewpoints, paddle boarding, kayaking, climbing and enough nightlife to entertain.

Koh Tao is now more of a tourist destination, not just on the backpacker route.

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