Spreading the Full Moon Parties to Phuket! Paradise Beach

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist spoke with Flavio from Paradise Beach on the island of Phuket who bring the concept of Moon Parties over to the island…

What is your Phuket story?
I have been living in Phuket for nearly 1 year and working at Paradise Beach since the new management took over the place in December 2016.

Tell us how Paradise Beach began….
If I am not wrong, Paradise Beach first opened about 3 years ago, at the beginning it was just a beach with some services on it and some occasional party although I was not working here then so I don’t know exactly…

And what is the overall concept?
The concept is basically to be a sport and party-oriented beach.

What do you think you bring to Phuket that is unique?  
This is my favorite question because we are bringing the Full Moon Festival and Half Moon Festival that is definitely something that Phuket has never experienced before, we are getting awesome feedback from the people on the Island.

What experience do you hope to give your guests?
Being a very safe beach and probably the safest on the Island. We have staff overlooking the beach and sea all the time. We want our customers to experience a safe and kids friendly environment.

What kind of events do you do?
We host a moon party every 2 Saturdays (Full Moon Festival and Half Moon Festival). Every Sunday we have a Foam Party in the day time.

What are the best things about Phuket?
Phuket is well known for the nightlife and for the breathtaking views and beaches but if you ask me what is the best thing to do I'd say: Go to Paradise Beach!

And leave us with the Paradise Beach philosophy…
It's not a real philosophy but it's a fact: Beach activities, sports, Moon Parties, Foam Party, international Djs, lounge music during the day, 2 restaurants with Italian and Thai chefs and crystal water.... All you need for a proper holiday is at Paradise Beach Phuket!

There are two beaches at Paradise and the entrance is free! There is a free shuttle bus service that goes from Patong to Paradise Beach and vice versa every 30 minutes.

The main and big one is fully equipped for sport activities, entertainments and where the moon parties take place. It is open from 9:00am till 6:00pm.

The beach is also equipped with standard sun beds, Vip beds, big beds (king size mattress) and umbrellas.

There are no beach vendors on Paradise Beach and you can choose your favorite food from 2 different restaurants that offer a good range of Thai and international dishes. Umbrellas and sunbeds - food service also available.

Fun is always guaranteed at Paradise Beach Phuket.

The sport area is in this left part of the beach offering a nice variety of beach activities but if you feel too lazy for sports you can have fun also swinging from the rope attached to an overhanging tree branch and dropping into the water.

All the beach activities are completely free of charge:

- Sup, Paddle board

- Kayak

- Snorkeling (equipment provided)

- Beach Volley

- Beach Soccer

There are two beaches in Paradise:

The second Beach is on the left side, you can easily reach it by a path through the rocks and the view that you can enjoy from up there is absolutely stunning.

This small beach is a gem, more private and absolutely quiet, there is a bar that provides drinks and cocktails and is absolutely perfect for those who love peace and desire to have a rest from the world.