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Kristin Grant

Painter Art

I am an airbrush artist, specializing in body paint, murals and canvasses. I have done a ton of body paint for photo shoots, videos and events. I have done a ton of live painting at music events, where I start a blank canvas at the beginning of the night and complete it by the end of the night. And lately I have been painting a ton of walls, as well as a few cars.
As a young girl I was always interested in art class, and after graduating highschool my father bought me an airbrush because he had always wanted me to paint on his ‘51 Coupe. Shortly after receiving this gift, I found out about an event in my city- Victoria Zombie Walk, and decided to paint myself and my friend as zombies. We had such an encouraging response from everyone who saw us that I decided to offer body painting during a Halloween dance event. I ended up painting on a model who works with many talented photographers in my city, and so we planned a bodypaint photoshoot. When the photos were posted online, I was hired to do more and more photoshoots. I have been bodypainting consistently for the past six years, and along the way I have been connected with people who like my style and also want to have canvasses or murals done for their homes and businesses. It is an amazing feeling to be doing my art around the world, and not be stuck behind a desk. As far as training, I took some art classes in highschool, and a couple of drawing and painting courses at Vancouver Island School of Art, in Victoria. But I soon stopped taking these courses once I started airbrushing. I taught myself how to airbrush by looking at examples of other people’s art, and then experimenting with my own techniques.