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Psytrance on Samui with Odyssey at Manouvers Club

7 Jun

We speak to Adriaan who is bringing Psytrance to Koh Samui with his new nights at Manouvers Club...

Tell us your Koh Samui story...
My name is Adriaan Smit founder of Odyssey Tribe which is a Psytrance production company in Vietnam.

However I have moved to Koh Samui a week ago and saw that there is no Psytrance here. So I decided to make an Odyssey Tribe here as well.

You are starting Trance nights at Maneuvers Club, where did this idea come from?
The concept of these nights are just to bring Psychedelic Trance to the island.

I am bringing unique Psytrance here that I gather from producers all over the world and I hope to make people that never liked Psytrance love it now.
Have you experienced the trance scene on Koh Phangan?

I have experienced a little bit of the party scene there but not to much. I will come there in the next few weeks to go and see the guys for a gig or two.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I have an Odyssey Tribe event happening this month in Hanoi Vietnam and then in November I will host a Psytrance stage at Quest festival in Vietnam.

And leave us with the Manouvers and Odyssey night philosophy....
Man0uvers Bar/club is the only underground music venue in Lamai, Koh Samui, it’s a very friendly place with friendly staff, come and experience the difference.

The events will run every Saturday night!


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