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Koh Samui and Beyond - DJ Charly Templar

7 Jan 2020

Charly Templar is an Australian citizen originally from Cameroon, a Country with a vibrant and rich culture. Combined with the love of music, it was not too hard for him to acquire rhythm and decide to choose DJing as 1 of the many jobs for him at the age of 18. Charly’s passion turned into reality 10 years later when he started touring the world and supporting big name artists.

We speak to him about playing the party scene on Koh Samui and his music career.

Hi Charly, how did you get involved with Green Mango on Koh Samui?
In 2014 I was coming on tour to Thailand.

I had Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket , Koh samed confirmed gigs. I decided to write to the Green Mango Club sending my EPK. I received a positive answer the following day with a confirmed date and the relationship started from there.

You visit Koh Samui a few times a year, how has the party scene developed there?
From 2014 until 2016 it was an unbelievable party scene with a variety of nationalities coming to the island to spend holidays or party..

What style of music do you play and why?
Open Format DJ is my preferred style. Growing up DJing in clubs back in Cameroon, we were requested to cover all genres in 1 night. I used those skills to work on various genres to be able to deliver different musical tastes during my set.

What are your influences?
I have listened to and played all musical genres and this one question is always challenging for me. I could name people I personally met or played with: Akon, Dr Dre, Tiesto, Sean Kingston, Wolfpack, Goldie, and the list goes on…

What do you love about playing on Koh Samui?
The multiculturality, the down to earth clientele that just wants to have fun, party and make new friends and most importantly the access to the beaches that allow me to have a break and re energize.

What do you do for the rest of the year?
I am a school Educator, I work with Special needs students. I am also an auxiliary firefighter, Mentor in remote Aboriginal communities and DJ during the weekends within Australia and overseas during school holidays. With 4 to 5h sleep a day I surely get my time filled in.

And leave us with your music philosophy....
My Philosophy is generally the same whether we talk about Music, Mentoring or anything. Impact your world! Live your Dream!  No matter what you wish to do and accomplish, dedicate yourself, put your heart at it and success will be around the corner

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