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YOGA***REIKI***AYURVEDA Book your Yoga class, Reiki session or Ayurvedic Treatment with Nancy: Yoga private class one-on-one Yoga private small groups Yoga for stress relief and inner peace Practice Yoga in the most marvelous spots on Koh Phangan. Receive a Reiki treatment in a peaceful nature atmosphere in the middle of the jungle. Immerise into Nancy's care and surrender to your hands on the massage bed and enjoy your Shirodhara or Abhyangan Ayurvedic Treatment.

YOGAimmersive is like a lotus flower. The lotus flower is rising up from the muddy dark place immersing into the beauty of light and purity of an open heart. Nancy's aim is to center in the heart from where you can fully blossom to your high potential and be the best version of yourself- trusting, confident and in balance with love and compassion. About Nancy: Nancy's life changing journey started as she walked away from her corporate job to find her heart's desire. She followed her desire- travelling guided her through her healing from her Burn-out and she found her new inspiration for her life. Yoga, Reiki and Meditation in combination with the nature and the holistic Ayurvedic system of self-healing helped Nancy to create the right balance, mindfulness and peace in her body, mind and soul to reach her purpose in life with love, compassion and consciosness. Nancy's life transformed into more happiness, better health and observation to her body and deeper understanding and connection to herself, she was lacking for longtime. Nancy's class: „YOGA is the journey of the self, to the self.“ (Bhagavad Gita) A 90 min Hatha Alignment journey to your heart class to energize and awaken your senses by allowing Prana (vital lofe force) to flow freely and naturally through the body.

Practicing Yoga with awarness of proper Alignment is also intrinsically linked with better coordinator balance, stability and prevention of strain and injury. What people say about Nancy's class: Nancy's welcoming smile open your heart already before the Yoga class starts. She guides you through the class with a lot of passion, expertise and love. Always open, smiling, positive and her warmness make Nancy's class fulfilling. You must try it, to feel it. (Guido Hess) In her classes, workshop and retreats Nancy will take you on a journey of inner peace, connection to your true self and awarness of your breath, even you are in the middle of chaos. Her teaching is from the heart and brings you to your sacred place, calm and within you, so that you don't have to look anywhere else.

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