How to start Yoga if you’ve never done it before

20 Sep 2019

You’re in the right place! That’s a great start! Koh Phangan has an amazing selection of classes, schools, teachers retreats and all other sorts of yoga related activities. Many people come specifically to the island to begin, practice or develop their yoga.

Starting something for the first time can be a bit daunting but the best way is to really just begin. Don’t be put off by those super bendy yogis on Instagram, and if you’re a bit nervous then you can begin a practice at home before going to a class.

If you’re new to it all then begin with some short classes or exercises, you can use videos or books to maybe just practice one pose (Asana) at a time, then move on to 10 minute flows/practices and work your way into it with ease. You don’t have to rush this…

Begin gently, over time you will be able to flow more quickly and do all of the complicated moves but it’s important not to over exert your body if all this stretching and breathing is new.

Find some specific beginner’s classes, there a plenty all over the island and try out a few to find the right teacher for you, one you feel you connect with, feel comfortable with and can understand and learn from.

After you feel ready you can start to explore the huge world of yoga and all of the different styles and start to experiment with what you enjoy and feel good from.

Don’t be critical of yourself, even the masters had to start somewhere and remember that YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE to begin practicing yoga, you will actually get more flexible as you practice. Teachers and other yogis are so keen and happy that you want to start that they will be encouraging and helpful.

So there you go! You’re on a beautiful island full of nature, go get your yoga on!