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Yoga and Meditation - An observation of everything

12 Oct 2018

Ancient Hindu philosophy and practice of yoga led to an ascetic, strict control of the senses with the ultimate goal of meeting with our indestructible and eternal nature through the attitudes of the body and the breathing at the same time.

Later Buddhism spoke of the need to find the Truth through the present moment, the eternal Now relying on the practice of meditation, which also uses breathing as a vehicle for gathering in Present.

These two great religious and philosophical currents meet today without interruption without one opposing each other but instead one complementing and helping the other.

The wonderful practice of yoga becomes a workshop of observation of everything that happens in our body during exercise (of distractions, thoughts, sweating) and at the same time, the mind is fascinated by the unique sense of time that exists Now. This eliminates the pathological association of the Ego over time.

The Ego draws its falsehood from the past or from the future.

The practice of yoga isolates the practitioner from the realm of the present, thus removing from the Ego the ramifications of his thoughts. Withered as they do, they lead the trainee to confiscate and rebuke elements basically in meeting with our true, indestructible and eternal nature.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of human consciousness, and any separation within the framework of religious sectarianism is dangerous.

On the contrary, spiritual syncretism, any combination that employs our forces to eliminate divisions and lasting contradictions within us, will also lead to a world out there, peaceful, far from conflicts that destroy our bodies and our planet.

Written by Konstantinos Bochtis, Yoga Teacher RYT-500