Diving tourists spot a whale shark in the area of ​​Koh Phangan

20 Aug 2020

Tourists who like to dive were amazed by the huge whale shark swimming slowly allowing them to appreciate it closely at the dive site called "Hin Bai" also known as Sail Rock near Koh Phangan.

Here is a video clip of the whale shark showing off for the tourists. A dive company had taken 4-5 tourists to admire the natural beauty of the sea while taking the boat out to the Sail Rock diving point.

The rock is in the middle between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, it is a pile of rocks that come out of the water approximately 24 meters deep with herds of fish for divers to study a variety of species.

The whale shark was 5 meters in length and brought the divers much happiness.


Largest fish in the sea, whale sharks can reach lengths of 40 feet or more. Their favourite meal is plankton, which they scoop up with their gaping mouths. The whale shark is a filter feeder, juts out its jaws and passively filters everything in its path. They migrate every spring to the continental shelf of Australia's Ningaloo Reef for its abundant plankton. They are currently listed as a vulnerable species, but they continue to be hunted in parts of Asia, such as the Philippines.