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Happy Food is looking for a truck and volunteers for various activities

22 May 2020

On Monday Happy Food will distribute rice in Thong Nai Pan school, Wat Samai Kongka, and near Haad Rin police station, from 2 pm until 3 pm.

Request for Volunteers

A truck and driver is needed for Monday

For doing that Happy Food is looking for a volunteer who can help by providing a truck and a driver for a few hours to help move the supply to the designated areas.

If you have a truck, please get in contact to help transport rice.

The target is to distribute up to 1500 kg rice in each location.


Help in getting food donations at Makro

As we published yesterday, there is a need for volunteers doing shifts outside of Makro to collect dry food donations, for more details read here

Help in Distributing dry food on Monday

For anyone who would like to help distribute rice to local & migrant families in need, every Monday (starting 25th May), start time 13:40 in three locations on Koh Phangan Wat Samai KongkaThong Nai Pan and Haad Rin.

For more info and registration follow this link

Note:  Please arrive on time as we will be assigning roles and getting set up. The weather could be hot so be sure to bring water and sun protection.


Donation to Koh Phangan Hospital

Earlier this week Happy food donated the following food and supplies to Koh Phangan hospital. 

  • 520 Kilo of rice,
  • Over 200 cans of canned fish
  • Over 400 chicken eggs
  • Mama noodle, Napkins, snacks, and more ...