The Phanganist Song!

12 Feb 2021

We present to you the Phanganist song! You might find it fits to your experiences too here on this beautiful misunderstood island so listen, enjoy and learn the words!

Big thanks to Aaron for writing, performing and helping with the video edit!

A different place I was born I’m miles away from my home

Pack my suitcase and I finally come

Towards the sun and the sea

Away from rain I feel free

I’m the only one I belong

I heard a lot from the South

Beautiful island in the Gulf

Phangan is calling me

Apart from parties and buckets You got me more than I thought

Sunrise where the party is

As painted, oh I turn

No one comes me, foolish

Oh, my heart leaps for joy

And if you can’t find peace Come to Phanganist

I feel my emptiness with a bottle and feel full

The bottle is always empty and pushes me on my skull

I try to sleep but the sounds become louder

I think I go out

And think about

There’s so many opportunities

I can’t decide on which locality

No matter what you done, or what you can do

I take a step back and forth

I take a step back and forth

I play my face into the sun

My legs begin to run

Phanganist here we come