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The Bucket List - Ecstatic Dance

30 Jul 2019

What are the things YOU MUST DO whilst on Koh Phangan?! Here we present to you The Bucket List!

Get your new travelling buddies together, grab your bike or a taxi, take your camera to post on Instagram and create incredible memories each time you tick one off!

Number Nine - Ecstatic Dance

Love to dance but getting fed up of the hangovers that go with the drinking at parties? Well, try out Ecstatic Dance which has grown enormously on Koh Phangan in the last couple of years!

With its wellness and spirituality community here on the island, Ecstatic Dance serves as a way to still party, dance and enjoy electronic music.

There is usually a ritual or sometimes meditation that goes along with Ecstatic Dances. It is described as an opportunity to let go, be present and total and witness what is going on in ourselves and relive it through dancing, screaming and movements. People use their body to connect with themselves and others.

People at Ecstatic Dance can scream, be silent, laugh and dance in anyway; jump, roll over, whatever, let go and a key point is to be present and be playful.

If you attend an Ecstatic Dance event you can be certain that you will face no judgement and the events can seem even more crazy than some of the ‘normal parties’ here on the island.

So if you’re ready to dance sober, soak up the ecstatic vibes and experience a new kind of party, be sure to visit an Ecstatic Dance event.