Chill Travel to Koh Phangan with Youtuber Amber Lee

13 May 2021

At the end of 2020 Amber Lee came to Thailand from Taiwan on a tourist visa to find her boyfriend. She has now been living in Bangkok for four months without any work. Amber did not want to just ‘play’ and hang out with her boyfriend here and so she got in touch with We-Media to try to make her life more fulfilling.

Amber and her Boyfriend
“In January of this year, we started a YouTube channel. At first, I just wanted to share everything about Thailand with my family and friends. Also as a record of mine and my boyfriend’s life”.

Before she met her boyfriend, Amber had already visited Thailand twice before and fell deeply in love with the colourful city of Bangkok.

“Compared with Taiwan, where I live, Thailand is much bigger and more beautiful than I thought!
The people are very kind, and every attraction is beautiful, especially the food, which is very delicious!”

In April of this year, the couple visited Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, Amber’s favourite is Koh Phangan! She likes the fact that there are no department stores or large malls and hopes that things like this will never appear on Phangan.

“More of the original ecological environment, this is what nature should be. On the West coast, at sunrise and sunset, people do yoga on the beach to combine the body with the universe,
There are many places for the body and soul, vegetarian restaurants, and hippies. I like this culture very much! We ate at four restaurants on the island and they were all super delicious!”.

Koh Phangan
Even though COVID is in Thailand and is severe, Amber noticed that you couldn’t feel the situation on Koh Phangan “It's like nothing happened, although it's a pity that all parties have been cancelled”.

Koh Phangan can be said to be the utopia that she has found during her trip to South Thailand and as soon as the situation is more stable she will visit again.

We asked Amber for her advice to others that are thinking about starting a Vlogging career...
I don’t know what advice I would give to be a Youtuber or a blogger, because I’m just getting started. I have been looking at what to do to make the channel successful and for a while, the pressure was quite heavy. I cared about the data and couldn’t get what the viewers wanted.
Recently, I tried to adjust my mentality and filming what I like and being happy is the most important thing.
My only suggestion is: "Just do it!”.