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Where you enjoy Leo based on you age's last digit!

31 Aug 2018

We wanna know where you like to have your LEO. Lucky us, your age is more than just a number. Yeah, this is 100% accurate. #ChaiyoWithLEO

0 = Khao San Road

In the center of it all.

1= Koh Phangan

Wildin' it up at a moon party.

2 = Koh Tao

Probably in a nice beachside bar.

3 = Phuket

Under the sun, on a longtail boat.

4 = Krabi

After some cliff climbing.

5 = Pattaya

While strolling along a crazy beachside road.

6 = Hua Hin

Lounging in a nice beach chair.

7 = Chiang Mai

After a sip of some good soup.

8 = Chiang Rai

On top of a chilly mountain.

9 = Anywhere

Anywhere you feel like 'cause you now know better than limiting yourself to one place.


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