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Fantastic Reasons Coming To Koh Phangan Makes Your Life Better

4 Nov 2019

Traveling to Koh Phangan can change your life as it has changed countless people's lives already.  Your life will be better while your here and those benefits will carry on into the rest of your life even when you go elsewhere.


Here’s a list of a few simple ways in which the island will make your life better forever:


It will make you more happy!

Investing in experiences rather than in material goods makes you significantly happier.  It has even been found to be so in a research study from San Francisco State University so you’d better book your flight to Koh Phangan ASAP!  The new experiences you will have here will blow your mind and you will surely be the happiest person on the planet. They are endless too! I’ve been coming to stay in Koh Phangan for as long as my visa allows for 9 years already and I’m still doing new things!

You’ll feel like you are rich!

If you are coming from America or Europe 5 bucks can barely buy you lunch, but in Koh Phangan you can get lunch and accommodation for the night with free WIFI for that!  You can even get an hour massage for a few bucks more.  


You’ll make lots of new friends.

From helpful locals to fellow globetrotters and expats that just couldn’t get themselves to leave this wonderful place, you will find that everyone is friendly and eager to call you their new friend.  Everyone you will meet is incredible and everyone has that chill “island vibe” way about them.  

Traveling makes you smarter.

Apart from getting better at math while having to calculate exchange rates all the time, you can learn about Buddhism if you visit the many temples around the island, or about thai culture when you make friends with the locals, and of course all those life lessons only experience can teach.  

You’ll become more patient and tolerant.

Language barriers and sharing a bunk bed with complete strangers in a dorm room might be the top two ways you’ll build up your patience levels and openness.  You’ll have to be flexible and see things from new perspectives when staying in a new country and luckily, in Koh Phangan the people are very patient with foreigners because there's many of them coming through constantly.

You’ll build up your confidence, resilience, and creativity.

When traveling, you never know what’s going to happen and sometimes things can go wrong.  But you’ll be able to fix it! You have to of course...and after you do, you’ll realize that you can do anything!


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