Koh Phangan - a paradise in Thailand

24 Feb 2019

Getting from Bangkok to Phangan is not difficult. It is enough to take the bus in the evening and transfer to the ferry early in the morning. You can get on the plane or train. Three hours from the mainland in the middle of the sea is a real romantic trip. Here you can meet the dawn on the top floor of the ferry, meet the guys for whom Phangan became home and they always come back here with joy.

Phangan was created for those who want to see the most beautiful beaches of Thailand, visit the famous Full moon party, find excellent company and pristine nature.

Imagine how in the morning you walk along the beach with soft white sand, with beautiful views of the neighboring island of Koh Samui, but there are not too many people around. Then you can ride a rented bike to a waterfall or to the mountains. Everywhere has great food and a lot of friendly people who will not pass by without saying "Hi". Here is a great place for windsurfing and diving. Millions of workshops - from weaving a dream catcher and coloring scarves to yoga and more. You can climb the mountain or go to an sauna.

It is difficult to remain without company here, because people around you are on the same wavelength and with them it is very easy to find a common language. Phangan is located on the deposits of pink quartz, they say that it has magical properties and everyone can experience it for themselves. It remains only to tune in to the transformations that always happen to those who come to this magical place, take a ticket to Phangan and find themselves on an island paradise.