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Meet the Guests - Flo at Phanganist Hostel

28 Feb 2018

Hey guys! We made an interview with one of most handsome and easy-going guys at Phanganist Hostel. Let’s go into Florian’s world. Eyes wide open, girls!

Firstly, let’s talk about you. Who is Flo? How do you describe yourself?
Flo from Freiburg in the Black Forest in Germany. I’m 29 years old.

I am working as a salesman in Germany, selling softwares, computer systems.

And Flo is nice guy, always laughing or sleeping (he is laughing again)

Why did you choose to be in Koh Phangan and Phanganist Hostel?
I heard many good things from some friends about Koh Phangan. That it is relaxing, has parties, and nice people.

I was staying in bungalows before, then met with some guys from Phanganist Hostel at a party and just came to check. I liked the atmosphere here and there are nice people.

How long have you been in this hostel? What was you first impression about this island and how was it changed?
For 4 - 5 nights. My first thought was that driving a bike feels like being free here. The nature is like paradise and my opinion has not changed.

What are the most interesting memories you had in Koh Phangan and in the hostel?
Discovering secret beaches with my bike. Driving, walking and checking around. And in the hostel it would be something naughty in the shower…

Staying in a hostel, how does it feel for you?
Very comfortable because there are nice people around and it is not noisy in the dorm. It is very secure because all my stuff is on my bed and nothing is lost.

What did you learn from Thai culture here?
To slow down and do not be a perfectionist.

What are you gonna do after here? And what is your plan for the future?
I’m going to Cambodia firstly, then, to Vietnam. I will buy a bike there and continue to travel till the end of April because I need to go back to Germany for my work.

As for my future plan, to quit my job and open a bar with one of my Turkish friends in Germany.

What is your advice for people staying in a hostel?
Take care of the other people. Open yourself to people and do not judge them.

And consequently, what is your advice for Phanganist Hostel?
Do not change. Stay the same. Keep the vibe.

Thanks for coming to stay Flo! If you would like to come experience hostel life with us you can find out more here.