Self Care During Lockdown - Pink Pineapple is Open!

12 Feb 2021

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Pink Pineapple have reopened their shop after the Corona measures were eased, on Thong Sala’s famous walking street. They offer all natural, handmade upscale and upright delicious products for your important self care routine.

“Even when we were closed we had messages saying people had run out of our soap and when could they get it?! It was lovely to hear that we have regular customers and we are happy to be open again”.
pink pineapple
Pink Pineapple are famous for their soap bars. All are coconut based soaps but each variation has a different look, colour and scent. Each soap variation is full of a number of health benefits due to the essential oils and natural minerals used. Amongst our personal favourites would be ‘Black Velvet’, made from activated bamboo charcoal and lavender essential oil. With its cool black and white marbled look, beautiful yet soft smell, you can feel deliciously clean and relaxed knowing that you are washing with only what nature gives.

Besides the soap bars, they have beeswax candles. Pink Pineapple have two types of candles including aromatherapy candles and meditation candles. All have essential oil blends to enhance different aromatherapeutic properties.
pink pineapple
You can also find lip balms, activated charcoal for teeth whitening, bamboo toothbrushes, body scrubs, gift sets and arts and crafts from local and Thai artisans.

They are open every day except Sundays from 10am - 7pm.